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JvonConstruction Vendor Opportunities

JvonConstruction is expanding into multiple cities across the province of Ontario. With more than 560 properties being serviced and maintained by Jvon. JvonConstruction is now going to begin offering Vendor Opportunities to individuals that we think are the best fit to become apart of JvonConstruction Group of Companies.   Scroll Down to learn more.

JvonConstruction Vendor Opportunities Allows you to bid or receive contract(s) at the JvonConstruction Rates. 

JvonConstruction proven vendor systems will help and prepare you to become a successful Jvon Vendor

What are the Benefits of becoming a JvonConstruction Vendor ?

  • Guaranteed Income - You let us know how much income you are interested in making per month and will assist you.
  • No need to market - Jvon does all marketing, we provide customer service and invoicing or accounting as well. 
  • Maintain the Jvon Quality - We provide you with on going support, and guidance on ensuring the Jvon Quality is being maintained. 

Which vendor services are Available Now? 

  • Lawn Maintenance 
  • Snow Removal 
  • Handyman 
  • Roofing 
  • Disposal Bins 
  • Cleaning Services

Call Giovanni at (416) 985-6745 to begin.